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Snowflake Challenge #1 - Introduce Yourself

I kind of feel like a lemming in the sense of -- well, a bunch of my friends are doing [community profile] snowflake_challenge so I'm gonna do it too! Bunch up on that cliff, friends, here I am with ya.

I'm [personal profile] templemarker, same ol' handle on every platform. There are a lot of platforms; I did a decent job of collecting them all on my profile, for reference.

I am hilariously multifannish; I pick up new fandoms like hair ties, forever indenting my wrists. Sometimes it's from the media to the fandom, sometimes it's from the fandom to the media, sometimes it's kicking back and auditing (possibly lovingly mocking) a fandom of a close friend and in the process becoming a fan without ever actually engaging with the media.

2019 was a very good year for interesting, delicious fandoms, for me -- the IT movies, Schitts Creek, a fun uptick of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine around the What We Left Behind film. So many more.

A rocky one too -- The Magicians series 4 finale was devastating in a way that I don't think I'll recover from, fannishly, but at the same time it gave me a truly amazing coterie of friends that I've been chatting with near-daily since March or April. And of course Star Wars IX capped out the year, leaving me feeling more ambiguous about the franchise than at any point in my multi-decade love affair with it, which is just weird as fuck.

I've been kicking it in online fandom spaces for something like twenty-two or twenty-three years, and it amazes me just how much and many incredible fanworks there are. Quality and number both are exponential, compared to back when I started, in ye olde AOL Star Trek & Star Wars chat rooms, Buffy the Vampire Slayer bulletin boards, and mailing lists. There is never a single moment when I don't have something incredible to read, watch, interact with, or otherwise delight me. We can definitely talk about the ways in which fandom has fractured, the ways in which cultures of negativity flourish and are louder than ever before, the ways in which the never-actually-that-bright lines between fans and the media that inspires fannishness have dimmed, often for the worse (though not always).

But stars above help me, I remain a pragmatic optimist, and it never fails to amaze me just how resilient fandom is; how profound fanworks can be; and how much joy I get, every single day, from fandom and the people in it.

Thanks, you know. For sticking around. For being as much of a fanperson as I am after all these years. It means the world.
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