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Notes from 3AM, A List

  • I have a sleep disorder that basically means my body is always trying to be awake during the nighttime hours and sleep during most of the daytime hours; and usually I'm awake for like twenty-thirty hours at a time, and then sleep for 8-11. Its -- challenging? Is that sufficient to convey the situation? It's more or less equivalent to being eternally jet-lagged. It affects .13-.17% of the population -- so pretty rare -- and is probably genetic in origin. The upshot is that I am usually awake when most people are asleep; if I'm lucky the folks in GMT will be waking up only a few scant hours after the folks in PST go to sleep. Mostly though I am alone with my thoughts. 
  • I cannot stop thinking about The Magicians, which I guess is no big surprise, but I've been in analytical mode for the last five days; and right now there is no more Magicians information to process, but I can't get my brain out of analytical mode. Which -- I can't write, despite wanting to write; and I can't read because I'm in the wrong processing space for fanfiction; and I can't (easily) shift out of thinking and wanting to think about The Magicians to finish off my library books. It's like -- my brain is the spinny beach ball you get on a Mac when a process hangs up. 
  • But seriously I have so many things I want to be writing. 
  • Alternatively I wish I could be talking to someone because sometimes that can be sufficient to get me out of one mode or another, but see again, 0300 PST. 
  • I have exhausted Twitter, Tumblr, and Dreamwidth. 
  • Regardless, I have a doctor's appointment at 0715 PST, four hours from now, so -- somehow I gotta get through. 
  • I hope you are all having a restful night's sleep.
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