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FIC: we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood, by templemarker [The Magicians]

we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood (1100 words) by templemarker

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Magicians (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Quentin Coldwater/Eliot Waugh, Quentin Coldwater/Alice Quinn, Quentin Coldwater & Margo Hanson, Quentin Coldwater & Julia Wicker, William "Penny" Adiyodi & Quentin Coldwater, Quentin Coldwater/Margo Hanson/Eliot Waugh
Characters: Quentin Coldwater, therapists - Character, Therapists (Multiple)
Additional Tags: Mental Health Issues, Canon Disabled Character, canon-typical suicidal references, there's that tag again, Depression, Disabled Character, Bisexuality, Bisexual Male Character, Bisexual Character, Canon Bisexual Character, Bisexual Erasure, Therapy, Interventions, (entirely background interventions), Therapists, that good ol-fashions therapy runaround, look I really feel like all these relationships are entirely justified despite occurring off screen, so about that fillorian opium
Series: Part 2 of love + rhetoric + blood

Quentin had tried, okay, he was trying. He even agreed, although it was kind of under duress -- it was like Eliot and Margo and Julia and Alice and even fucking Penny, who wasn't even from this fucking timeline and still defaulted to hating Quentin's guts -- decided Intervention Tuesday was the way to go.

In this edition of This Wasn't What I Meant to Write....

I am almost thoroughly certain there will be more. I just have to, er. Write it.

Takes place entirely speculatively many months beyond 4x13, so if you are reading this in the future be aware that it likely represents an alternate reality. [On the bright side, it represents an alternate reality where people care about Quentin's mental health.] No spoilers. Please note this piece engages with Quentin's mental health consonant with the show's canon; check the tags to see if it's your speed.


Anyone who's ever played Finding a Therapist Routlette, this one's for you.

I have the next part worked out, I just need a spare hour to bang it out. The crux point: therapist roulette doesn't stop just because you start looking on the magic side of things.

I went for the brass ring, writing for BISEXUALITY: THE MUSICAL and Quentin/Therapy: a love story in one go. They just fit perfectly together!

Seriously though, Quentin needs to jump off my brainstem. I want to write about Julia! And Kady! And Alice! Q, unless you start doing something interesting with lingerie and gender ambiguity, imma need you to take a step back sometime soon.

Not until after 4x13?

...I guess that's reasonable.
Tags: +love-rhetoric-blood, bisexuality - the musical, meta, notas bene, quentin/alice, quentin/eliot, quentin/eliot/margo, quentin/therapy - a love story, the magicians, will write for pancakes
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