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Dear Yulewriter, 2016 Edition

::blows dust off everything::

Hello, tidings, thank you for writing!

I am very much about optional details are optional, and I am very bad about, uh, well, prompting. I'm more of a "hey, I like this" without too much details. But! I am very easy to please.

My one thing is that, around the holidays, I'm more inclined towards lighthearted, slice of life, happy endings stories than ones that dig into the dark bits of the canon or characters. That doesn't mean you have to shove them into an Ikea and pretend there's no shadows! I'd just rather read about the marker falling a little more on the good than the bad.

Fandoms are listed alphabetically.

Lucifer (TV)
[Lucifer, anyone]

I am just in love with everything about this. I've been sitting with the comics for years and love them dearly, so you're welcome to pull from there if you like, but don't feel like you have to do so if you're not familiar with it!

Mostly I love Lucifer -- the way Tom Ellis portrays such a wonderful mixture of vulnerability and bravado is perfection. So focusing on him would be welcome.

I'm open to just about any iteration -- gen, het, slash -- with any of the characters. I do love Lucifer and Chloe, and how he's changed because of her, even if he doesn't particularly know why. And I adore Trixie's adoration of Lucifer as well, and how uncomfortable but affectionate it make Lucifer.

I'm also very into the Big Picture storyline, the family melodrama mixed with the judeo-christian mythology and how it impacts the life on human-filled earth.

I am up to date with the show and will be throughout the fall, so you're welcome to write it as close to canon as you care to do so. I'd prefer no AUs, and if you're going with an AR I'm more into the fork-in-the-road kind of AR than the what-if-there-were-dragons sort. Have fun with it!

Possible Scenarios:

- Lucifer and the bemoaning of Christmas
- Lucifer and Amanadiel being bros, especially Amenadiel's older-brother poking at Lucifer, even though Amanadiel would be younger, right?
- Lucifer doing nearly anything with Trixie, with or without adult supervision
- Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Mum dining with the Deckers

Fandom-specific dislikes: alternate universes, hating on Don outside of the usual Detective Douche business

Tone preference: a little closer to heaven than purgatory

Rivers of London
[Peter Grant, Beverly Brook]

I adore Beverly. She's a perfect cocktail of sexy, practical, and light-hearted, and I think Peter needs her, very much, in his life. I would love to see Peter's imperfect attempts to set up dates, or Bev's careful erosion of Peter's hang-ups as they build their relationship. Future-fic would also be lovely -- where do a wizard and a river end up in ten years, together? Do each of their mums badger them for grankids enough that it does happen?

Don't feel compelled to go holiday themed, though you're welcome to do so, but I would love to see a light-hearted, romancey vibe, and how Peter begins to adult more.

Possible Scenarios:

- Peter nutting up and asking Bev out on dates, and being rubbish at it, because the boy has rarely dated before
- Beverly being there, more and more, without Peter explicitly realizing how close and important she's become, until he gets a cluestick to the head
- Futurefic, ten years gone: does Bev even want to be a spouse? Does Peter, given how his parents' relationship turned out? What do wizard-river children end up being, other than awesome?
- Crossover with Law and Order (UK), because the negotiation of those two verses would be hilarity, and I adore the notion of Alicia Phillips being Peter's cousin who has very little time for his fanciful job.

Fandom-specific dislikes: Over-veneration of Nightengale, female characters interpreted as bitchy, slagging off Lesley, whinging too much about Lesley

Tone preference: More sharing a bedsit in the country than face-melting villains.

Stranger Things (TV)
[Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington]

I have a thing about seeing what characters we meet as teenagers are like as adults, because the gulf between 17 and 35 is vast and terrible.

I very much want to see this OT3 ten or twenty years on. Maybe they meet up again at the high school reunion, and sparks fly? Maybe two of them got together, in college or something, and reel the third one back into their lives? Or, and this is something I itch for a bit, maybe in ten or twenty years they are all together (from whenever: high school, college, early twenties, wherever you find it most plausible and interesting) and they've figured out their lives together. What does that look like? Who are they, as adults? Who are they, with each other? What do they do? What curtains do they buy???

Ahem. Inquiring minds would love to know. You're welcome to pull the horror element in there if it works for you, but I'll be just as happy with a slice of life fic as an adventure story, if they're together (or getting together) as adults.

Possible scenarios:

- Patrick Henry HS invites you to our Twenty Year Reunion! RSVP with your Guest!
- College is the chance to get away. What do you do when you run into your HS gf/bf(s)? How have you changed? How have they? Is there still something there?
- Apartment hunting in the city for three people. "So you have...roommates?"
- They may have jobs, they may have an adult relationship, but the thrill of monster hunting....never dies.

Fandom-specific dislikes: alternate universes, alternate realities, bad-talking any of the OT3 except in relationship-relevant ways, Nancy portrayed as weak or in need of protection

Tone preference: More sleeping in the same room, less watching your best friend die.
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