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shouldn't you make sure your site's backend IP is included in the contract?

So, the darkly amusing thing for me about the whole Delicious debacle is that, while I've had a delicious account since it first came into existence as del.icio.us (so fucking hard to remember where those periods went) and I've basically used the service on a daily basis to locate new-to-me fanfiction or recover an updated link to 404'd fanfiction, I never actually kept that many links there.

Mostly, I kept links to stories that were off-LJ, DW, or A03, the old archives, the personal fic sites, the mailing list archives. I have nearly 6,000 memories on Livejournal, and I was certain that was going to be the thing that tanked, the thing that I lost despite a decade's worth of obsessive collecting and organization. I memorize stuff at AO3 and DW too, but there's just not as much there as there is on LJ.

But I rarely sent anything to Delicious, because it wasn't how I used the service.

Oh how bloody shocked I am to see that Avos borked Delicious before the Russians took my memories away.

I have settled on Pinboard, where I am templemarker, as my replacement for those handful of links I want to retain. And I will cautiously learn to use Pinboard, especially since I now understand how it can be used in a networking way to basically get interesting stuff dumped at you. (Subscribe to me! I am subscribing to people.) But I have to say, some part of me is laughing in a wry, mildly maniacal fashion that I somehow chose the oldest, clunkiest, most user-unfriendly way to retain links to stories, and it survived when arguably the best service did not. What the sweet hell were they thinking?
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