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Hello lots of new people that I've friended. I'm moving my reading from an older, underused journal to here for convenience's sake--feel free to PM me if you want those details. Otherwise hullo; you're welcome to stay, though I largely discourse on fandom and fic here, and that somewhat erratically.

I haven't spent a lot of time on this journal talking about myself--mostly this is an excellent ground for all the fandom things I have roiling around in my head, from fic to meta. I started in the fic/slash/etc. fandom over a decade ago ("decade" is my new most terrifying word) in Buffy the Vampire slayer, with [personal profile] minim_calibre as my trusty enabler. Though my fannish soul really started with Star Trek, specifically Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I committed hard to those old AOL text-based RPGs--does anyone other than me remember those?---where you went through a cadet process to become an ensign, and then were assigned to a ship, and wrote personal logs about your character, etc. etc. That was my earliest stomping ground on the internets.

But I started writing fic that I showed to other people with Buffy, and then Angel, and then Popslash ate me, followed shortly by Lotrips (thanks pandarus, that toaster shall always go to you) and Stargate SG-1 and SGA and The Sentinel and due South and every awesome nineties slash fandom ever there was. Harry Potter, Supernatural, The OC (STILL THE FANDOM OF MY HEART, no lie), DCU ([personal profile] minim_calibre, are you counting how many of these I can pin on you?), Smallville, Queer as Folk US, Firefly, XMM (hi new fans of XMFC! So happy to see you like my OTP), and then--bandom.

Bandom ate me whole. It was a thing. And then I stepped back, and only took to writing it in bits and bobs here are there over the last couple of years. I don't know, man. I lost the fire.

But then, amidst that, there was STXI--basically the rekindling of my first love. And Generation Kill, which has the kind of ninja-esque hold on me that any Recon Marine would be proud of; it's a fandom I don't think I will ever fully come away from.

This year, there has been Inception, and Hawaii 5-0, and The Social Network (what?) with its accompanying RPS (seriously, what?), with The Eagle and Glee making surprise appearances and XMFC on the horizon. Even when I'm atrociously busy, I still squirrel away pieces of my time to read the fanworks and the meta and the glee over all the things that make fandom my refuge and my creative stomping ground and my joy for the last mumblemumble years.

So, if I pop in and comment, this is who I am. Sometimes I fall into more of a lurker thing, sometimes I'm a pretty active commenter. Sometimes I write more, sometimes I wish I was writing more, and sometimes I look at my notebook in forlorn despair for lack of time or inspiration. But no matter what, fandom has never been far from my fingertips. And you folks are all the reason I will always come back. Thank you for your joy, your inspiration, your enthusiasm, and for sharing it with our community at large.

(And for more information on me, including where the fic and fic recs live, just check out my profile, or shoot me a message.)
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