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Podfic: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit

Hello fandom! Hello folks who have friended me recently! It is very nice if slightly baffling to see you here!

I have some unfortunate, challenging health problems (I totally just typed that as "hell problems" which seems somehow more accurate) which can and does make creativity and the desire to participate in, you know, life, pretty much nonexistent. But I'm slowly inching my way back to a more hopeful status quo! Which means doing things that make me (and hopefully ya'll) happy!

Today, and for the last, like, ten days, my happy place has been lazulisong's story Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, which is awesome and hilarious and compassionate and intelligent and on the whole wonderful. It is a love song to the city of Portland, which I have a vested interest in; it combines an understanding of TOS with a deft hand for Trek XI, and has been making me giggle and clutch my heart in joy for a week and a half. I couldn't recommend it enough.

So I did what I do when I love a story so much that I can hear the voices in my own head: I recorded it as podfic. I'm particularly proud of this one, and I really hope you enjoy it.

Art by chosenfire28

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, by lazulisong
read by [personal profile] templemarker

Available from the audiofic archive. You can also download it as a podbook (m4b), which gives you the bookmarking feature, courtesy of [personal profile] cybel over here.

Story: Gen, PG13, 15k words, 80MB, mp3, 87 minutes

I can figure out a way to have it stream from this post, too, if people are interested.

Also, I would really love feedback on this! Podfic usually has a really low comment ratio, and that's totally cool, but I'd very much like to know what people thought!

ETA: The Audiofic Archive has reuploaded both the mp3 of this podfic and the m4b. You can also download it here as an mp3. (August 2017)

ETA 2019: You can download/stream the podfic here. It looks like the podbook (m4b) is no longer available, sorry folks! I've also posted this to AO3.
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